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Stork to display digital textile printing ink at shanghai

Stork to display digital textile printing ink at shanghai Source:
Date: 19-04-2013
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Visitors to the Stork Prints stand at the ShanghaiTex on June 10 through 13 will be able to see how we continue to lead the way as a total systems solutions provider for the textile printing industry. On display will be the new digital textile printing ink as well as consumables like rotary screens, digital inks, lacquers/glue and endrings etc.
Digital inks  
Stork Prints is one of the leading digital ink producers to the industry who also builds and sells printing machines and RIP software. Visitors to the Stork Prints stand (Booth: W3J01) can see the complete digital ink portfolio, presented by plenty of printed samples with Stork Prints’FLARE, NEBULA and QUASAR inks. The NEBULA inks are especially designed for multi-pass printers based on Kyocera print heads, such as Stork Prints Sphene, MS JP-series and Reggiani Renoir printers.
Besides the Reactive and Acid inksets there is also a new ReAcid inkset that allows printing on both natural fibers as well as PolyAmide Lycra fabrics. With the special Reactive Deep Black ink, you get a profoundly intense and dark black that really has to be seen to be believed. Stork Prints will also presents its complete range of FLARE inks that run on all printers using Epson print heads, including Robustelli Monna Lisa printers. FLARE comes in the full portfolio of Reactive, Acid, ReAcid, Disperse, Sublimation and Pigment inks, in 2 kgs cans as well as Stork Prints’patented ink bags.
Stork Prints has developed a dedicated range of inks, known as QUASAR, for high speed single pass printing with Kyocera heads, such as the MS LaRio. The suitability of QUASAR inks for the LaRio stems from Stork Prints’considerable experience in developing inks for its own single-pass digital printing machines for label printing, the DSI. For a number of years the company has been optimising ink performance for high-speed digital printing machines to help deliver superior image quality. This includes patented technology to prevent striping and branding.
QUASAR ReAcid and ReActive inks are used in all MS-LaRio printers in Italy, Spain and Turkey so far.
Better end results in rotary screen printing with NovaScreen
Visitors to the Stork Prints stand will be able to see much more in the way of printing innovation, including the unique NovaScreen rotary screens. These screens have a patented design which combines a high mesh count with minimum spacing between wider and ingeniously shaped conical holes, so that the maximum amount of paste is transferred to the substrate. This leads to higher print quality and also increases productivity and efficiency.
Take for example our NovaScreen 195 mesh, which is available in two open area variations: 16% and 19%. When using NovaScreen 195, it becomes possible to print 20 to 30% more meters with the same quantity of pigment paste as compared to a regular PentaScreen and with a much better result in quality and definition. The NovaScreen’s high mesh counts substantially benefit halftone effects, fine line designs and geometrical designs.
The new NovaScreen 195 - 19% distinguishes itself by combining high paste transfer rates with superb resolution. NovaScreen 195-19% has been specially designed for printing fine halftones on voluminous substrates like single jersey, and also gives full penetration print on CV georgette or crepe articles, in the highest resolution possible and available in the market.
Reducing Moiréeffects with RandomScreen
Users of Stork Prints rotary screen printing technology can also look to the future with confidence. For example, RandomScreen is characterised by a random distribution of conical holes. This significantly reduces the moiréeffect whilst printing, which means less need for trials and fewer remakes and rejects. It also offers more freedom in design possibilities, for example through its ability to produce realistic weaving and tweed effects. RandomScreen is also perfect for printing complex geometrical designs and halftones.
Of course, both types of screen have the added advantage of the unrivalled Stork Prints quality and service support.
Our specialists will also be on hand to demonstrate and explain about numerous examples of superior textiles and coated products - all made using Stork Prints screens and equipment. And they will be only too happy to explain how, in today's volatile textile printing world, our rich history - coupled with unrivalled service and application know-how - makes us a stable and reliable partner that can really add value to our customers' business.
Solutions for every phase of the production process
And there's more. We’ll be demonstrating that we are the only global partner that can offer solutions for every phase of the production process as well as consumables including (digital) pre-press, printing and drying. In other words; we are a unique, stable and total system solution provider in the volatile market of textile printing.
smartLEX: the future of intelligent digital pre-press
Nowadays, the textile industry has increasing demands for high-quality pre-press and printing, but wants to decrease the complexity of their production processes at the same time. Stork Prints has the perfect solution. Exclusively at ShanghaiTex, Stork Prints shows its continuous development and will present our latest laser exploser smartLEX. This new direct laser exposing system, containing Stork Prints’blue-ray technology, combines perfect imaging quality with an unmatched ease of use.
Anyone who is capable of using a smartphone, can make perfectly imaged screens with perfect engraving of halftones or geometric designs. Based on design and screen type, the intelligent software chooses the optimal process settings also with new functions like jitter and noise. This also ensures - especially in combination with Stork Prints screens - an unmatched reproducibility.
Due to Stork Prints’30 years of experience in laser engraving, the machine ensures extreme high productivity and utmost reliability, with a rapid Return on Investment. The TCO per engraved screen is very competitive. Our specialists will be more than willing to demonstrate the latest innovation in laser engraving and prove that this machine is in fact the future of intelligent pre-press.
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